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Marching Gregorian Chant Society and White Noise Brigade

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Freqhently Asked Questions

Yes, for the most part. The main differences are:
  • Some songs have been added (we never had sheet music for Wipeout or the Walking Songs)
  • Some songs are in the right key now (Blue and White and Hey Look Us Over were in the wrong key on the old sheet music)
  • Most songs have multiple parts now (tuba and trombone parts were added, as well as harmonies and countermelodies)
If you already memorized all the "old" music, you can just keep playing that (unless you really want to learn all the harmonies, or you're a trombone or tuba player and want to learn the actual trombone and tuba parts).
When in doubt, play the staff labeled "melody", and play the highest notes. The other parts/notes make the songs sound better, but aren't totally essential.
You can listen to bnad recordings here.
We provide everything on our events. Currently we have 8 trumpets, 8 trombones, 2 baritones, a French horn, a sousaphone, 2 flutes, 3 clarinets, 4 alto saxes, 4 tenor saxes, a pair of cymbals, a bass drum, 3 snare drums, a bunch of tom drums, and a bucket full of random stuff that makes noise.
We can lend you an instrument so you can practice and memorize the songs. We can't lend out $500 instruments to just anyone though, so show up to a couple of events and ask a bnad leedur (someone with a red hardhat) if you can borrow an instrument. If we've seen you a couple of times before, we'll lend you one. But you gotta ask!
Yeah, sure! We have a pile of cowbells/fire bells/maracas/washboards/bed pans and wet floor signs you can hit with a stick or something. Everyone is welcome to join the bnad, regardless of talent.
Come on a couple of bnad events and ask a bnad leedur if you can borrow an instrument. You can find lots of beginner lessons online. We've had bnad leedurs who started off as frosh playing fire bells on their first event, and learned to play trumpet by asking to borrow one from the bnad. We like having people who can actually play music come on our events, and we'll go out of our way to help you out - all you have to do is ask us!

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